March 18, 2015

People Will Talk

 You may get through the world, but 'twill be very slow,
If you listen to all that is said as you go;
You'll be worried and fretted and kept in a stew,
For meddlesome tongues will have something to do;
For people will talk.

If quiet and modest, you'll have it presumed
That your humble position is only assumed;
You're a wolf in sheep's clothing, or else you're a fool,
But don't get excited, keep perfectly cool.
For people will talk.

If generous and noble, they'll vent out their spleen.
You'll hear some loud hints that you are selfish and mean;
If upright and honest and fair as the day,
They call you a rogue in a sly, sneaking way!
For people will talk.

And then is you show any boldness of heart,
Or a slight inclination to take your own part,
They will call you an upstart, conceited and vain;
But keep straight ahead, don't stop and explain;
For people will talk.

If threadbare your dress, or old-fashioned your hat,
Some one will take notice of that,
And hint rather strong that you can't pay your way;
But don't get excited whatever they say,
For people will talk.


  1. No hay que hacer caso de los murmullos ¡què sabrá la gente de lo que sentimos! me refiero a la gente que juzga o critica sin saber ni conocernos.
    Me gusta esta imagen, de espaldas a los murmullos.

  2. Bonito encuadre y estupendo resultado con ese "look" primaveral ;-)

  3. Wonderful words !!! So true and lyric...!!! And such a beautiful photo!!!! Greetings, joanna

  4. A wonderful poem, no matter what some people will always find fault...a beautiful image dear Marisa.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Me gusta el encuadre,muy Buena!!



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